Rotary Family Health Days Project Team Releases Impressive 2017 Impact Report

The Rotary Family Health Days (RFHD) team have recently released an impressive impact report which provides exceptionally important information on who attended the RFHD, why they attended and how they heard about this initiative. Based on the survey data (which is confirmed as statistically reliable by the methodology), far more women visit RFHD than men. The largest number of clients fall between the ages of 20 - 49.
It is encouraging to see that 74% of respondents reported that they had regular access to free healthcare. Of the respondents that said they have difficulty accessing healthcare (7%), or had no access at all (9%), the reasons for limited access comes down to three main reasons: travel distance and cost to clinics, waiting times at clinics (they sometimes have to take a whole day off work) and poor clinic service & staff attitude.
A truly wonderful feedback is that 77% of respondents had their problem solved (this is significantly up from the 52% of last year). 12% require further help, and 11% did not answer the question. The main reasons for why problems were not solved are that people are waiting on results, need to arrange further treatment, or their condition requires on-going monitoring.
Scientific reporting of this nature is invaluable in ensuring that Rotary uses its resources as efficiently and as impactfully as possible and we certainly encourage other project leaders to adopt similar reporting practices where possible.