5 world firsts, 2 Guinness World records, Riaan Manser is undoubtedly in a league of his own. He brings a whole new level of expertise to the world of exploration with his ground-breaking circumnavigation of the African continent by bicycle. Thereafter circumnavigation by kayak of both Madagascar and Iceland. He has rowed across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, covering more than 21 000 km across open Ocean.  He has turned his passion into a business producing documentaries for distribution to local and international audiences. Author, renowned Inspirational Speaker, producer and pioneering explorer, Riaan Manser.
Riaan rose to prominence on becoming the first person to cycle around the perimeter of Africa. For over twenty four months, alone & unaided, he pedalled a staggering 37,000 km through 34 countries, some of which rank as the most dangerous countries on Earth. Manser’s achievement earned him the title “Out There Adventurer of the Year 2006” and his book, “Around Africa on my Bicycle”, became a bestseller.
On seeing Riaan’s story on television, Nelson Mandela personally requested a meeting with Manser, saying it was “a performance that will inspire the youth of the continent”.
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As one of the world’s leading adventurers he has captivated thousands of people through his bestselling books & motivational talks worldwide. Manser takes a personal approach inspiring an audience. He allows the audience to decide for themselves with which attitude they are going to take on life’s challenges. Through his message of Courage, Perseverance & Attitude, he guides the audience to the realization that being average is just not good enough.
His tales are of adventure without the luxury of a panic button. No excuses to give up. Tales of real life threatening situations which; according to him; makes an adventure a real adventure.
Thousands of people from blue-chip companies to community projects, and from schools to non-governmental organisations, have been moved by Riaan’s extraordinary, and often hilarious, tales of perseverance & unrelenting resolve. Manser speaks passionately about his adventures, motivating & inspiring all who attend his presentations.
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