As we celebrate the achievements of PolioPlus, sadly, a child has been identified/verified with Polio in the Cacuaco Municipality on the outskirts of Luanda.
Once advised thereof the World Health Organisation (WHO) acted swiftly calling on Rotary in Angola (Manual De Sousa), UNICEF and the Red Cross. They are immunizing, but have had to order more supplies.
If we allocate US$10,000 to PolioPlus, US$45,000 can protect children from this paralyzing disease. That funding goes toward purchasing the vaccine, transporting the vaccine to immunizing centers around the globe, and raising awareness about why it is critical that we end polio.
Rotary made a bold choice in our commitment to eradicating polio. As Rotarians, we maintain that commitment with every vaccine that is delivered to every community that we reach, and through every dollar, we raise. We are determined to fulfil our promise to the world — and you can help by contributing personally or as a club. Angola is in our district, its one plane ride away. As I have said this year, together, we can end polio.