Includid Group Homes provides inclusive living for people with intellectual and physical disabilities,” explains Gavin Schachat, of the Rotary Club of Sea Point. Residents, aged 26 to 60 years, receive basic working and living skills in order to promote equality and raise awareness of their abilities while being respected and treated as part of the community. Sea Point and Claremont Rotary Clubs were asked to assist with making their lives a little more comfortable.
“Last winter we experienced so many challenges with getting residents’ washing dry and having to go to another home to warm or defrost foods,” says Tracy Morris, Assistant General Manager of Includid Group Homes. Soiled mattresses also need to be replaced due to a lack of mattress protectors.
Two brand new tumble dryers and microwaves, and ten mattress protectors, were delivered thanks to the Rotary Clubs of Claremont and Sea Point.
“This much needed donation has improved the basic living conditions of the people we support,” Morris continues. “Through continued support, donations and interest, we hope to grow the organisation and further support residents by giving them opportunities to speak, choose, and do for themselves. This can only be facilitated by individuals and groups, like the Rotary Club of Claremont and Rotary Club of Sea Point, willing to believe in the extraordinary.”