Webinar - 24 Aug 2022
Join us for the first webinar in our series, From Insight to Action5 Attributes of Successful and Agile Clubs on Wednesday, 24 August 11:00 AM CT. Register now for the first part of a three-part webinar series to learn more! As there is a growing demand for this webinar the first session will be repeated on the 25th for those who are not able to attend on the 24th. A recording will be available to everyone who registers. 
Have you ever wondered why Rotary loses approximately the same number of members as it brings in each year? Or why some clubs seem to thrive under any circumstances, even during the pandemic? Or what you could achieve with clear data and customized goals? There’s no secret formula for club success, but clubs that are vibrant and growing do have several things in common.
During this webinar we will:
  • Share the five features of successful—and growing—clubs 
  • Introduce the importance of data-driven decisions 
  • Celebrate the things that make your club unique, including its culture and opportunities for growth  
We look forward to hearing your thoughts and questions.  
The Membership Development Team 
Rotary International