#MAD No 10 - The ULTIMATE "MAD" Newsletter
Spoil yourself and look at ALL the gallery pictures

My message
This is my last and ultimate #MAD 10 newsletter to you. And it is dedicated to the Lüderitz Discon-18 as the culmination of all our MAD-ness during 2017-2018.
This is also my last reference to being MAD as we go into 2018-2019 with renewed energy to Be The Inspiration for a better future.
But we will carry on making a difference and living the Rotary Way through our actions and our passion.
During 2017-2018 District 9350 showed severe symptoms of MAD-ness.
The clubs were Making-A-Difference (MAD) in their communities and touched so many lives for the better that the fever spread in a contagious way.
You all know that I caught that fever; that I totally got hooked on our theme for 2017-2018; that it permeates into all my Rotary thinking and Rotary doing.
What a blessed year I had!
In this ultimate #MAD issue no 10 we reflect and celebrate this MAD year by reliving the Ultimate #MAD conference in the picturesque little fishing village of Lüderitz.
What the clubs achieved was recognized and celebrated and the light shone on these achievements during our 3-days of having fun.
Words cannot do justice to the incredible fellowship; great speakers; Rotary learnings; touching moments and the best food ever that can only be described as a musical feast of tastes.
A picture is worth 1000 words; so let the images convey the essence of a conference always to remember and cherish.
Truly – during 2017-2018 you allowed me to make memories that will last forever. And all I can say is
*Thank you Angolan D9350 clubs
* Thank you Namibian D9350 clubs
*Thank you South African D9350 clubs
You are the best!
Lynette Stassen (District Governor 2017 – 2018)

P.S. There are over 300 pictures in the gallery. Please take an hour off and go through all the pictures. There are absolute gems (like those from around #170 that show the LED dancers that show clearly MAD and ROTARY etc as part of LEDs).
Our Stories
Summary & Interesting Facts about MAD Discon 2018
Discon-18: a summary and some interesting information
One of the great spinoffs of having a conference in a quaint but remote fishing village is the opportunity it creates to go and visit.
So many delegates mentioned that they never have been to Namibia before and easily 50% or more made a Namibian trip out of the event.
This resulted in some very interesting observations that I would like to share with you that made Discon-18 in Lüderitz the success it was:
Meet the Host Organising Committee
The Host Organising Committee consisted of:
Ultimate #MAD Citation Achievers
AG JJ Jacobs gave us the delightful news at the Conference that 13 clubs already achieved their
citations. And as at the 26 May 2018 we now have 16 (27,5%) Clubs that have achieved the Rotary Citation.
Ultimate #MAD Award Conference - Winners 2018
The Ultimate #MAD equivalent of the Oscar Awards
Ultimate #MAD Speaker Michael Leech
MICHAEL LEECH, Trustee, Save The Rhino Trust, protecting Namibia's rhinos for more than 35 years.
Ultimate #Mad Speaker Chris Bertish
One of the Conference guest speakers Chris Bertish, a South-African-born surfer, stand-up paddleboarder, adventurer, and motivational speaker. He won the Mavericks Big Wave Surf contest in 2009. In March 2017 he completed the first solo, unsupported stand-up paddle board (SUP) crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. He did it while supporting charitable organizations. While bringing the message that his soul purpose is to inspire the greatest potential in people. In order to do more, be better and live the best life possible with passion, purpose and to achieve their greatest potential while giving back and leaving a positive impact on the world.
Ultimate #MAD Speaker - Michelle McLean-Bailey
Michelle McLean-Bailey, Namiban Miss Universe 1992, Founder of the Michelle McLean Children Trust and Ambassador for Rotary International.
Ultimate #MAD Rotarian presentations
District 9350 Made a Difference in 2017-18 and here is a sample of some of the presentations tabled
Mayoral Cocktail Event
The event: Mayoral Cocktail Evening
Joining the Rotarians in their own hometown, we had a mayoral party of 6 on Friday evening at the Mayor’s cocktail event.
Meet & Greet
The event: Meet & Greet
Our Ultimate #MAD conference started in the most tasty way ever!
The Ghost Party AKA DG Gala Dinner
The Ghost Party AKA the DG Dinner
It is custom to have the DG Dinner on the last evening of the Conference. 
Compliments on the Ultimate Mad Discon 2018
Several compliments were received about the Ultimate MAD District Conference 2018.
Here is a selection
George RC Honours Community Leaders
George Rotary Club honours community leaders
Three Georgians who are well known in educational and charitable circles were honoured for decades of dedicated service to the community by the George Rotary Club on Tuesday 29 May.
Photo Albums
Ultimate #MAD DisCon 2017-18
Ultimate #MAD Oscar Awards
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