Several compliments were received about the Ultimate MAD District Conference 2018.
Here is a selection
Compliments by PDG delegates on the ULTIMATE MAD DISCON-18
With a winning HOC team and a breathtaking venue, it is no wonder the Lüderitz conference received so  any compliments from so many delegates. 
And again – it is the RC of Lüderitz that deserves these accolades.

Herewith a selection of compliments received from Past District Governors of the 4 Districts of Southern Africa that attended this ultimate MAD conference.

Patrick Coleman (D9210 PDG and RRFC)
The "MAD" District Conference of District 9350 was a demonstration of what Rotarians can do when they are determined to "Make A Difference" in their communities!
Lives were changed, young people were empowered and Rotarians were inspired by the stories told during that weekend.
What an incredible experience! Old acquaintances were renewed and new friendships were made. I love the magic of Rotary!
Thank you, DG Lynette, for your "MAD" leadership this year!

Nick and Silvia Phillips (D9370 PDG)
“I have to tell you that yours was an outstanding conference both from a fellowship and content point of view.
I also fulfilled my dream of visiting Namibia and meeting the local and Angolan Rotarians”

Francis and Janet Callard (D9400 PDG):
“It was a blast and so enjoyable in every respect”

Lloyd Whitfield (D9350 PDG):
“I have been to probably more than 30 conferences. However, your conference was, I think, the most fun conference of them all.
We enjoyed it - we came a long way and it really was worth it.”

June Webber (D9350 PDG)
“Holding a District Conference is no doubt the highlight of any DG’s year and this one certainly ticked all the boxes.
Having had the privilege of working closely with you this year, I have come to appreciate your eye for detail and passion to “do it differently”.
This conference was different, although focusing on the serious side, it was such fun.
The fun elements that you introduced went down so well and I cannot remember ever laughing so much at a district conference in the last 25 years.”

Geraldine Nicol (D9350 PDG)
“WOW – so much planning! Such a huge number of excited and enthusiastic conference delegates, so many external speakers, such a great programme and so many representatives from more than 10 Districts – what an achievement !
Not to mention the magnificent sunshine which blessed the event from start to finish!”

… And a final comment from current DG Jankees Sligcher D9400
“Thanks for a wonderful conference in Lüderitz which has done your District proud not to mention yourself.
It just brought home the importance of Inter District Communication and I think, we in our year have made a concerted effort to visit each other’s conferences."