EarlyAct Workshop Reflects the Best is Yet to Come

Members of EarlyAct in D9350 raised the bar on their Rotarian counterparts as they spoke with passion and conviction, on Saturday, about their community projects.
The opportunity to do so was presented by the EarlyAct Workshop, organised by D9350's Youth Committee with enthusiastic support from D9350 Rotaractors.
Maitland Garden Village Primary provided the venue for the gathering of EarlyActors, teachers, Rotaractors and Rotarians to meet and learn about each other, the projects of each group and the wider network that is Rotary International. The programme included discussions on Building Relationships, Library Corners, Social Media and Operation Shoebox and also gave EarlyActors the opportunity to learn how they fit into the Rotary organisation.
The level of care, concern and ingenuity demonstrated by these young community activists was an inspiration and a sure indicator that investing in our youth will yield great returns.
You can learn more about chartering an EarlyAct Club in your area here.