August is Membership and New Club Development Month. How does this connect to The Rotary Foundation? The more Rotarians we have the more resources we have for TRF funding and the more we can do to Make A Difference in our world.
The population of Israel is 8.55 million people. There are 58 Rotary Clubs and 1,398 members.
The population of District 9210 is 71.03 million
Zambia – 16.59 million.
Zimbabwe – 16.15 million.
Malawi – 18.09 million.
Northern Mozambique – 20.2 million.
The population in the other districts can be determined with these figures – although admittedly estimates.
Southern Mozambique – 8.8 million.
Namibia – 2.48 million
Botswana – 2.25 million
Lesotho – 2.2 million
Angola – 28.8 million
In South Africa
Gauteng – 12.27 million
KwaZulu-Natal – 10.26 million
Mpumalanga – 4.04 million
Western Cape – 5.82 million
Why is a country with a fraction of the population of most of our countries able to have so many Rotary Clubs?
What is the secret? ASK PEOPLE TO JOIN!
Rotary International President Elect Sam Owori was widely known through out the Rotary world for membership development and expansion. Since he was District Governor the number of Rotary Clubs in Uganda climbed from nine to 89 over the course of 29 years. It was not a secret. In fact, Sam gave us the key to success several years ago. Start club where people live and work and keep the costs down by meeting in places that do not cost a fortune.
My hometown Rotary Club in Southern California meets in a community centre at a local church. Lunch is provided by a local school home economics class. It is not a “Five Star Lunch” by any means, but I have been to several Rotary Clubs that meet in “Five Star” venues and are served food that is barely edible.
Cut the costs… Improve the meetings… Ask people to join… Simple!
In honour of Sam Owori’s Rotary life, I suggest that EVERY Rotarian in D9210 introduce ONE new member into their Rotary Club this year. It can be done ONLY if each one does it.
By the way… I have already spoken to two people about joining my Rotary Club and have introduced two others from a neighbouring city about joining a Rotary Club there.
If you don’t ask them, they will not come…
PDG Patrick G Coleman, PhD
Rotary Club of Luanshya
Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator
Zone 20 A South