The Ghost Party AKA the DG Dinner
It is custom to have the DG Dinner on the last evening of the Conference. 
But it is not custom to have the dinner in high spirits dressed as very distinguished ghosts, with some mavericks in between.
Kolmanskop is known as the ghost town.
What an ideal venue for a ghost party!
All ‘ghosts’ were dressed in their favorite colour of ghostly white and all enjoyed the evening arriving in high spirits and
leaving in even higher spirits.
The electric atmosphere went up a further quantum leap of Watts when the crayfish tower was unveiled!
An absolute highlight was the LED dancers showing the “ULTIMATE MAD” theme displayed by their
swirling LED circles.
And to complement this President Frank sang the MAD song accompanied by a swinging band to standing ovations.

It was a perfect evening to end a perfect conference.